Exploring Owl

I'm a foodie and a cooking fan. Come see my world.
My mom has been teaching me how to cook since my early teenage years. WIth the flow of time, it has become one of my hobbies, and even passions. Having gone through a bunch of diets and restrictions, I found a way to cook healthy, yet delicious dishes.
I started this thing because I like to write and I like sharing the ideas with those who might need them. I hope each of you will find something for yourself in here.
Read, enjoy and make use of it if you can.
Whenever you go for a long walk, watch a movie, or even just get bored - you crave a snack, right? I'll tell how to make a healthy one!  and not to ompromise the taste.
I'm going to tell you all I know about coffee and how I prefer my coffee to be brewed depending on my mood
I don't call myself a cook. I truly believe that I am simply a foodie person, so I'm always down for trying out something new.